What do you mean Couture Events?

Let me explain. A Couture Event can be any event that is designed to WOW your guest. The industry is guided by the trends of the season. Yes, we have trends. Just like fashion, events will consist of upcoming colors, venues and themes that will POP for the year. 

Couture events are usually for those that want to make a statement and have something that has never been done before. Each event should have this one piece of “SOMETHING” that has never been seen. Let it be a combination of flowers, a beautiful backdrop, or the way the bridal party march down the isle, it must be UNIQUE. 

Couture Event Stylist come up with creative ideals designed especially for you. You come up with the vision and I make it happen. Love, The Best Couture Event Stylist ever…


Why Didn’t I Hire An Event Stylist?

This is the question that I get all the time.

Planning any event can be hard and stressful. Clients see the outcome of their dreams and your creativity and believe that this is easy. But that it is not.

Let me give you reasons on why you should HIRE AN EVENT STYLIST.

#1- The Tasks Are Never Fun From the outside looking in, planning an event look like it is so much fun but actually it is tedious. Going through all vendor contracts, making sure all payments are on track and still having fun is just one of many jobs of a stylist. By hiring a stylist, you will eliminate the hassle of dealing with vendors or reading between the lines on contracts.

#2- Planning Is Stressful A wedding is suppose to be a romantic experience for clients and handling your own planning can bring stress within a couple. A stylist is there to take that stress away from her clients. Because of the stress that meddling family, friends or co-workers can bring it is great to have that third party to deflect the drama.

#3- Speaking Vendor’s Language Vendors have language of their own and understanding that language would be great. Vendors and Stylist have an secret understanding, “I scratch your back, You scratch mines”. There are vendors that stylists work with that can save you as a client lots of money. There are questions that clients miss out on to get exactly what a client wants. Stylist are masters on getting to the end results without wasting necessary time.

#4- Planning Takes Time That You Don’t Have Until you really get into the preparations for your big day, it is impossible to fathom how much work is involved and how many details need to be taken care of. Your Stylist will make that time. Stylist understand exactly how much time it takes to make your day IMMACULATE. Long hours of talking to vendors and paperwork can be overwhelming for a person that has to work a 40 hrs job or even a stay home mom, let your stylist be your lifesaver.

#5- Things Go Wrong Let me start with this, Something will always go wrong, but if you don’t have someone there to put those fires out immediately everything will crumble. Your stylist is the individual that will be your saver. A good stylist will handle issues and you as a client will not even notice there was a problem.

These 5 reason alone, with many more, is why you should hire a stylist for any of your events. Consider which areas you will need professional support, and which planning areas you’re less interested in and reach out to me, StarrLytt, Your Couture Event Stylist.

It won’t cost you anything to give me a call and find out the range and price of my services. It could be your best way to a smoother, less stressful corporate event and a more romantic wedding experience.

Sisterly Love

I was sitting in my living room trying to decide on what to blog about and it hit me. I would blog about my Sisterly Love.

I always knew that my sister loved me but for my wedding she showed just how much pain she will take for me.. Let me tell this story.

When I planned my wedding it was so stress free except for my ex-husband (that’s another story for another day). My planning and bridal party was so easy to work with. I do not have any complaints!

My maid of honor, my sister, was by my side from picking out my dress, picking out the bridesmaid dress and picking out their shoes. Yes, I said picking out their shoes. Matter of fact, SHE is the one that picked their shoes. Mediate on that for a second while I continue this story.

My sister called me all the way from Houston, TX, I resided in New Orleans, LA, to tell me that she found the perfect shoes to match the bridesmaid dresses. She sent me a picture of the shoes and my mouth dropped. Now, your asking me why was I so surprised, let me give you a little back ground on my sister. MY SISTER DOES NOT WALK IN HEELS! These shoes had a heel that was about 3 inches. I know that’s not high for us normal heel walkers but for a person that do not wear heels that’s like walking off a cliff.

I asked her if she was sure. She replied, “I will practice at home.” 😦

She practiced walking in these heels for 5 months, faithfully. I was so proud of her and happy. Happy that she would do that for me. But it gets better.

The day of the wedding came and it was time for my beautiful bridal party to get dressed. Sharing laughs, cries and a few drinks. We take pictures before heading to the limousine. It was magical until we reach our destination.

The music starts and my bridal party was marching down the isle. All in these 3 inch heels that was a great touch to their beautiful pink dresses.

I started my march, looking over this beautiful scenery that I put together and my eyes set on my sister who is in tears. It moved me to see all the happiness in her face for me. But to my surprise, my sister tears was not for my happiness. Oh No!!! My sister tears was due to the 3 inch heels that she picked out. She was in so much PAIN due to the shoes that she was crying.

I asked her why didn’t she find other shoes. She replied, “I didn’t want to ruin your day I wanted it to be PERFECT” I could have screamed.

Color Your Scheme 2016

Hello everyone!! Sorry, for my absence.. Have been a little busy over here at Immaculate Starr Events, LLC., but I haven’t forgot about you.

Today I will like to list the COLORS for the rest of 2016. Like any other fashion, events have a color scheme for the year. There is one for Spring (which has already passed), Summer (which we are in right now), Fall and Winter. I will be only listing Summer, Fall and Winter..

So let’s not wait any longer! What do the Gurus of the event world have for us in 2016:

How to create your scheme?

The colors listed on this page for each season will be primary colors. Start by choosing 1-2 primary colors that inspire you. Then add in 2-3 accent colors that are complementary, harmonious, or monochromatic.

Let Me Help You Budget

When planning an event, most people start outlining it in the same ways. What kind of event and how much am I willing to spend, are the most frequent questions. But knowing how much an event is going to cost is impossible to know. That’s why a budget is so important.

Just like me, we have all read and researched tips on how to save money. But, how do your figure out what the budget will be? Well Let Me Help You!!

Below I have constructed a breakdown on how to set up a budget that I use for my clients. This breakdown helps me and my clients produce a budget that can get us started on the track to success. But remember, that there is no PERFECT budget! Some things will change during the development.


This should be easy! Think about the look, the style, the people, and the emotions– all the pieces that will make your event unique. I often ask my clients to give me words to describe what their vision is for the event. This way there is a path to follow as far as decor, lightening and scenery.


Now we getting serious!

Figuring out how much money you are willing, ready, and comfortable spending is very important. Sit down with your partner (weddings/corporate events) and discuss where will the finances will be coming from. This is extremely important before diving into budgeting and planning. Get your parents,friends and business partners involved immediately. Another important fact to remember when looking at numbers is your guest list. No matter what event your planning, the number of guests you plan to invite will make a high impact on your budget.


Pick your priorities for your event. No more than three should be good. Having this list of priorities is a good was to stay focused on things that is most important. The things that mean something should be on this list. For example, if there is a tradition that the wedding flower of choice should be Lilies, then you will not feel bad that you have to spend an extra few dollars on them. Especially, if your wedding is in the winter. Such things are extremely important and can cost you a little more.


By this time, you should have started a guest list, a ideal of how much money will be spent and your vision. Now, Let’s Get Real! You will always have this magnificent dream of what your event should be, but your pocketbook (that old southerner came out of me) shows different. Be Realistic!! We can’t have all that we dreamed and go into debt trying to get it. Stay focused!


If your original plans and numbers don’t match, it’s okay, re-evalute. Move things around. Take somethings out. Remember this is a blueprint, it can be changed.


Create a template to use when building a budget for your event. This way you can keep a track of what you are doing and spending. I made a template that I used for for each client. This template gives my clients an amount that they can use for each item. Now, like I have told you, this changes. There have been many times that I can get my client an object for a reduced price. This template will disperse the money to another category for the clients use.

Following this breakdown on how to create a successful budget will help you when financing your event. Your budget, and how money is allocated, is fluid and will undoubtedly change and need adjusting throughout the planning process. The most important thing to remember, no two events are alike. So, that $56,000 event that your best friend had can be yours for $28,000 if you stick to this Breakdown.

Happy Budgeting!!!!!!

DOs and DON’Ts: DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

This blog is for those that want to Do It Yourself an event.

If you can handle the up and downs, good and bad, or the rollercoaster ride that comes with Do-It-Yourself events, let me give you some helpful pointers to guide you. You must approach it like a PRO. Consider these tips when conquering this beast:


Know Where To Start- With DIY you must know when to start each project. Starting to early or to late can affect the out come of your wedding. You must have a timeline set in place for each project.

Hiring Family and Friends- Anyone that is emotionally invested in your event can lack the judgement that’s necessary to handle the monthly process. Its hard enough for you to express to a professional what you want and what you need, try explaining to someone that has an opinion.

Stay Organized- I recommend that you use a 3 ring binder to keep contracts, invoices and receipts. There are wedding journals you can purchase at a local bookstore to help you stay on track. For computer savvy DIY, Google Docs is a great option.

Vendors Everywhere-  Finding the best vendors can be a hassle. Get references and check them, do not go off one persons word. Taste foods, sample products and ask questions. It takes event professionals years to build their repertoire.

There Will Be Changes- Things will go wrong, be ready for them. Have a plan B. There is nothing like being prepared and staying calm.

Keep The Magic In View- I have never had an event that went exactly as planned, and you will not either. Things happen! Try to enjoy your planning. It is a fun time of decision-making followed up with a time of celebration.


These or a few things that I advise you to leave to the professionals:

Music- Music has to be monitor throughout the whole event. Having a person responsible for the music is ideal. The ambiance of our event is created by it, so an CD of your favorite music is great but only as a favor.

Flowers- Flowers are time-sensitive and is usually a last minute decor. So doing your own arrangements is a bad ideal even if you’re a talented florist.

Food- You will not want to spend the week before your event preparing food. This is the time were you should be taking care of little tasks to make sure your event goes as planned. Making deviled eggs is not what I called a night of relaxation.

Photos- There is nothing worse then getting upset because you don’t have great pictures.

Following these few tips will help you through the heartaches that every event professionals have mastered. Event planning is stressful and can be tiresome. But, if you stay focused you can produce an awesome event.


Event Inspirations


What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from all things. It can come from colors, foods, themes or even a scenery. Let it be a magical motivation quote or a song. People are inspired by things everyday.

This is the same for events. When planning an event it must be something special. Events such as, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries should be specialized to your personality, so its easier to always start with what inspires you. This is a great way to keep you on the right direction with lighting, color patterns and decor. It is easy to stray away from your concept without something or someone to pull you back to the winning event.

Couture Event Stylists, will usually give you a questionnaire to help them to see your vision. In this questionnaire, there will be questions that will ask you about who you are and what makes you “You”. This helps the planner to stay on the right track. This is also what you must do if you choose to plan your own event. You must ask yourself questions that will truly capture your inspiration.

Good places to find ideals for inspiration are Pinterest, Blogs, and Magazines or you can consult with a Event Stylist. When you have decided what makes you all tingly inside, research your inspiration.. AND EXPLORE!!